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Grahams Ragtime from the renowned Graham's Pony Farm

May 2007
Black Pinto Stallion

2011 AMHR National Senior Stallion Supreme Grand Champion UnderLiberty-under Grand ChampionAmateur Halter Sr. Stallion-under- Res. ChampionSenior Stallion 32-34- Res. Champion
2011 AMHA Liberty Grand Champion and Top Three Senior Stallion
AMHA# 199007       AMHR# 296388T       ASPC 159122

Bond Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad was one of the most refined miniature stallions in history.
Size: 27.5", Year 1966
Bond Showboy

Showboy is the sire of many miniature horses.
Size: 28.5", Year 1969

Bond Snippet

 Snippet was the winner Reserve National Grand Champion Senior Stallion in 1987 and was National Champion Multi Color the previous year.   

One of the prettiest headed stallions of the breed, Snippet,

passes on quality and show "pizazz" to his offspring, who continue

to make their mark.


 Size: 32.5", Year: 1982,

 Sire: Bond Showboy,

 Dam: Bond Thumbalina


Bond Tiny Tim
The smallest horse ever listed in the AMHA studbooks at 19".
He is the sire of Bond Miss Rie, who was the Reserve National Grand Champion Mare in 1984.
Miss Rie's daughter, Bond Little Lucy B, went on to be National Champion Mare 30" and Under in 1986 and National Grand Champion Senior Mare in 1987.
Size: 19", Year: 1970

Boones Little Buckeroo

Size: 30.5", Year: 1978

Boones Little Buckeroo is without a doubt, the most well-known miniature stallion

in the world today. He holds the unequaled record of winning 3 National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Titles and 3 consecutive National Grand Champion Get of Sire Titles.  His get retain the beautiful head, large eyes, graceful long neck,

level top line, natural action and balance with excellent athletic ability  and the important "Look At Me" attitude. Buckeroo sires National. Buckeroo get and grand-get won innumerous National Grands, Reserve National Grands, National Champions and Top Ten Awards in Halter and Performance over the years in AMHA and AMHR Nationals. 


(from: theminiaturehorse.com)

 It has been said that "the proof is in the offspring". 

 There are very few stallions that their offspring have value after the

stallions are dead or non-productive, pay attention to those bloodlines

 and where they came from and what horses have those bloodline

 now, and the values they have.  Pay attention to older established

breeders and the broodstock they use and the pedigrees behind

those horses, that will tell you what bloodlines are truly valuable. 

 Prepotency is the true test of a great stallion.  Grand-get and

great-grand get with qualities of a famous stallion show dominant genes

 that are desired and can still be passed on.   --John Eberth

Orion-Light Van't Huttenest

Size: 31", Year: 1974

"LIGHT" is one of the premier foundation sires that has helped to shape today's American Miniature Horse.

A proponent stallion that stamps his stunning good looks, conformation, attitude and color on his numerous offspring. He has produced more than 30 Nationals Champions including 7 Nationals Grand Champions, 3 Reserve National Grand Champions,

15 National Champions and 10 Reserve Nationals Champions.

Prince Tennessee Monashee

Size: 30", Year: 1973

Tennessee was the 1987 National Champion 28-30" Stallion, and has proved to be an outstanding sire, as well. He finished his life as the main herdsire for Celebration Farm of Phil and Shari Washburn.

Rhoten's Little Dandy

Size: 32", Year: 1982,

This was an outstanding son of Bond Dynamo, who proved himself in the showring as grand champion at halter many times and in performance classes, capturing the National Grand Championship in Single Pleasure Driving in 1987. As impressive as those wins were, he has proven himself as a sire even to a greater degree! His foals have won at least twenty-six National Championships, .


Generation after Generation of Excellence - Rowdy 

Size: 34", Year: 1973,

Rowdy sired some of the leading winners in the AMHA history including, but not limited to: Lazy N Boogerman who sold at the NFC Dispersal sale in 1993 for an unprecedented $110,000 and is the winningest stallion in AMHA history being the
1992 National Grand Champion.

Runnin Bear's Classy Comet: 1991 National Grand Champion Jr. Mare
1993 National Grand Champion Sr. Mare

NFC Rowdy's Bold Tradition: 1990 Reserve National Grand Champion Jr. Gelding
1992 Reserve National Grand Champion Sr. Gelding

NFC Rowdy's Can Do: 1986 National Grand Champion Jr. Gelding

NFC Rowdy's Supreme: 1987 National Grand Champion Jr. Mare

Rowdy's Charm: 1987 National Grand Champion Sr. Stallion

Rowdys Surprise: 1988 National Grand Champion Sr. Gelding

Glenn's Southern Legend: 1989 National Grand Champion Jr. Stallion

NFC Rowdy's Gem: 1990 National Grand Champion Sr. Mare

Little Man's Blue Baby Rowdy: 1990 Reserve National Grand Champion Sr. Mare

Quality will tell and goes on telling through generation after generation.

Rowdy died in 1990 at the age of seventeen, but the show records of his future generations are still being made.

Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch

Monarch was an AMHA National Yearling Futurity Champion. 

The same year under a different group of judges at the same show he was crowned AMHA National Champion Yearling Stallion. He came back as an adult and was an

AMHA National Champion Senior Stallion.  He was elegant and correct as a junior horse and continues to be an exceptional individual as an adult typifying the Arabian in miniature.  Every year his offspring has won top ten Get of Sire. His sire is Sierra Dawn Unos De Mayo multiple grand champion in halter and single pleasure driving.

 Bronco Billy

*1978 32.25" Black
*1981 and 1982 IMHR Halter Champion Stallion
*1982 Driving Champion Stallion
*1981 IMHR Driving Champion Stallion

Sire of 60 foals within the AMHA, the last of which was born in 2000

Sire of Bronco Billy's Outlaw

Lazy N's Boogerman

Boogerman and his foals have been among the most successful

National and Grand Champion winners in AMHA.  In 1990, he was named

Reserve National Champion for Senior Stallions over 32"-34". 

In 1992, he made his biggest splash landing both the Senior Stallions over 32"-34"

National Champion as well as Reserve National Champion in Liberty

The crowning glory was his winning of the National Grand Champion Senior Stallion.  

After this highest accomplishment he retired from the show ring to become

"THE" senior herd sire of all time.  His foals continue the tradition: 

 In 1995, Grosshill Boogerman's Perfection won National Champion Weanling Mare

 and Reserve National Grand Champion Junior Mare.  In 1996, she won

National Champion Yearling Mare.  Also in 1996, son of Lazy N's Boogerman;

Southern Legend, won National Grand Champion Junior Stallion.  As evident,

quality is inherent in his bloodline.

LTD'S Magic Man

19x National Champion

LTD's Magic Man is a 32" black and white Medicine Hat Overo stallion, foaled on
4-25-90 in Sedalia, MO and bred by Lisa Davis of LTD Miniature Horses.

 He was the beginning of a dream to raise show quality overo miniatures who would be recognized and make a name for LTD.

This dream has become a reality as today LTD's Magic Man is a well-known name in the Miniature Horse Industry.


S Abrias Signature Buckeroo Bay Pinto Champion Farms Sirs Signature Little Kings kiss of Buckeroo Buckeroo 05/01/03 A141030 253457T 32
G Abrias Signature Emphasis Buckskin Champion Farms Sir Signature Lucky Four Cherizan Sir Signature 05/21/05 A161090 262182T 32
M Alliance Zodiacs Curtain Call Black and white pinto Little Kings Buckeroo Zodiac Poes Petitte Poetry Buckeroo 03/31/07 A178127    
M Black Walnuts Sky Dancer (Lucy) Grey pinto bald face blue eyes Zenith Light Vant Huttenest BS Diamond Nova Vant Huttenest 10/10/95 A76851   32.5
S ERL Rebels Just Cause Sorrel Pinto Sids Rebel Mini Hoofs Zippiti Do Da Sids Rebel 04/23/00 A112395 243774A 33.75
M FW Charming Black Jade Black Star Oaks Charming Prince By Chance Valley M 1 Voice Was Heard   05/12/07   287759T 34
M GGS Miss Kitty Black GGS Little Gunsmoke GGS Texas Tornado   04/02/08 A189891 293748T 28.25
M Grandview Toy Kora 4U Blaze Bond Atoy4U C WF Huskers Mas Margaritas Bond 03/24/08 A194707    
M J&S Estates Scouts Rising Dawn Black/Star/RH Coronet Matchbox Scout Fishers Miss Magic Vant Huttenest 04/30/98 A110596   31.5
S JCW Le Jazz Bay Pinto WF Pattons Sunday Jazz Pecan Grove Racketeers Spring Reign General Patton 04/24/08 A187461    
S JCW Red Hot Jazz Sorrel WF Pattons Sunday Jazz La Vista Remarkable Serenade General Patton/Rowdy 05/16/08 A187462    
G JF's Prix Ordainded For Fame Bay La Vista Remarkable Serenade Samis Rosa Roja Grand Prix 06/11/05 A167012 271293A 33
M JHK Beyhawks Playgirl Bay LM Hawks Amarillo Bey Super Charger Royal Surprise 4 Jo Charger/Nighthawk 05/13/07 A180013 283012T  
S L&J's Mini Gentlemans Attire Black Pinto Lucky Four After Dark Formal Attire Barenklaus Lady Stetson   03/30/08 A189091 293063T 35
M La Vista Gambling Mans Perfecta (Toy) Sorrel NFCS Gambling Man Hartins Sheer Perfection of Atoy4u Bond 05/19/00 A115542 248575A 31
M Lost Spokes Tyme's Bay Rose Bay Celebrations Tennessee Tyme Lost Spokes Ebony Rose Prince Tennesse Monashee 05/22/08 A187870 291942T  
S Magic Mans Silver Shadow Silver Dapple/Blue eyes LTD Magic Man Lucky Ledanes Me & My Shadow LTD Magic Man 04/26/98 A99358 96892A 33.5
M Mc. Bucks Beauty Palomino Pinto Mc. Shooting Star Buck Mc. Dandys Topanga Mist Rowdy/Dandy 05/06/03 A141924 253745A 33
M Mc. Bucks Nite Lady Sorrel w/ white blaze Mc. Shooting Star Buck Mc. Fair Lady Buckeroo 03/16/05 A160495   31
M Mc. Bucks Pearls-N-Lace  Buckskin Pinto Mc. Shooting Star Buck Mc. Dandy design R. Dandy/Rowdy/Buckeroo 07/12/05 A163860   33
S MC Chargers Sir Winz A Lot B/w pinto Lucky 17 Super Charger Apaches Sun  McSperitts Dandys Latte Mist  Dandy/Rowdy/Super Charger 04/01/08 A185367 291209T 34
M Mc. Dandy Design (Big Dandy) Black pinto  NFC Dandys Uptown McSperitts Rowdy Apache Night R. Dandy/ Rowdy 06/19/01 A123906   33.5
M Mc. Dandys Mystic Black w/ white fetlocks NFC Dandys Uptown Mc. Night Sparkle R. Dandy 06/04/05 A161729   31.25
M Mc. Kiwi Image Sorrel/star/sorrel mane & tail Mc. Rowdy Night Image Sliver Bliss Rowdy 05/13/01 A125881   33
M Mc. Lucious Shadow  Black/Crescent/Blue Eyes Magic Mans Silver Shadow Mc. Sierra Shadow LTD Magic man 03/05/04 A155051   31
M Mc. Magic Shadow Bay    Magic Mans Silver Shadow Mc. Night Mandalay Rowdy/LTD Magic Man 04/08/06 A168890 294279T 31.5
M Mc. Master Fair Lady Black w/Blaze Mc. Dandy Masterpiece Mc. Rowdy Night Mare R. Dandy/Rowdy/Komokos Bay Rum 03/21/01 A123904   33
M Mc. Masterpieces Sheenae Bay pinto McSperitts Dandy Masterpiece McSperitts Rowdy Night Finesse  Rowdy 06/15/00 A114047 254986A 32.75
M Mc. MP Top Bucks Analisa  Bay Pinto blue eyed mixed mane & tail Mc. Dandy Masterpiece Mc. Top Bucks Contessia Buckeroo/R. Dandy 05/13/04 A151315 253748T 32.5
S Mc. Rowdy Special Image  Buckskin/LG /Grullo Mc. Saturday Night Special Mc. Image Tresseme R. Dandy/Rowdy 05/06/05 A161731   32
S Mc. Shanghai Night Black Mc. Dandy Masterpiece Mc Classic China Doll Dandy 07/26/04 A153628 297243A 31.5
G Mc. Tin Foil  Sorrel pinto   NFC Dandys Uptown Mc. Images Lady Marmalade R. Dandy/Rowdy/Komokos Bay Rum 06/15/05 A161728 297245A 32.5
M Mc. Top Bucks Contessia  Palamino Pinto/mixed mane & tail Little Kings Top Bucks Mc. Contessia Buckeroo/Komokos Bay Rum 07/05/96 A96535 253739A 31.75
M N W Smooth as V+B92elvet(Lightning) Sorrel/star/whie M& T Maravallas Tequilla Crescents Velvet Bond Tiny Tim 04/24/97 A89211   32
S Perfect Ons Black Karma Black Willow Creeks Dancers Perfecta Buck On Twicw Black Ice Boogerman 04/15/07 A183305 283354T 32
M Pura Vidas Catch The Wind Chestnut Pinto Lucky 17 Super Charger Apaches Sun  McSperitts Bucks Beauty Super Charger/Dandy 3/22/2010 A201549    
M Pura Vidas Fine Design Sorrel& Wh Pinto McSperitts Tin Foil McSperitts Lucious Shadow Dandy/LTD Magic Man 5/27/2009 A194414    
M Pura Vidas Foiled Again Sorrel McSperitts Tin Foil Blanches Walnuts Sky Dancer Dandy/Vant Huttenest 8/3/2009 A196523    
M Pura Vidas Imagine Black McSperitts Rowdy Special Image Pura Vidas Snowy Rowdy 5/13/2010 A202424    
M Pura Vidas Indio Belisima Black Scott Creek Monarch Indio Quicksilvers Country Belle Monarch 5/6/2010 A202426    
M Pura Vidas Indios Mystique Black Pinto Scott Creek Monarch Indio McSperitts Dandys Design Monarch/Rowdy/Dandy 6/7/2010 A201548    
M Pura Vidas Luck B A Lady Palomino Pinto Scott Creek Destined 2B Lucky McSperitts Kiwi Image Rowdy/ Dynamo 4/23/2010 A202423    
M Pura Vidas Lucky 2B a Superstar Chestnut Pinto Scott Creek Destined 2B Lucky La Vista Gambling Mans Perfecta Dynamo/Toy4U 6/24/2010 A202422    
M Pura Vidas Milagro Bay  McSperitts Rowdy Special Image McSperitts MP Blaze o Gold Dandy 6/2/2009 A194415    
S Pura Vidas Moondancer.com Chestnut Scott Creek Monarch Commotion Quintessas Moon Beam Magic Commotion/Monarch 5/23/2009 A194410    
M Pura Vidas Princess Velvet Grey Dapple Quicksilvers Pancho Villa N W Smooth as velvet Bond Tiny Tim/Bronco Billy 04/28/06 A169112 303825A 31.5
M Pura Vidas Sentimental Journey Bay with white star Fallen Ash Scouts Dark Deliverence Mc. MP Blaze o Gold Dandy/Scout 04/02/07 A177737    
S Pura Vidas Signature Starbuck Bay Abrias Signature Buckeroo McSperitts MP Top Bucks Analisa Dandy/Sir Signature 03/07/08 A190561 296685T  
C Pura Vidas Silver Dollar Bay Pinto Abrias Signature Buckeroo McSperitts Lucious Shadow Sir Signature/Buckeroo/LTD Magic Man 5/28/2010 A201547    
M Pura Vidas Silver Legacy Bay Magic Mans Silver Shadow McSpertitts Top Contesia LTD Magic Man 7/26/2009 A196518 300741T  
C Pura Vidas Sir Buckingham Bay Abrias Signature Buckeroo McSperitts Masterpieces Sheenae Sir Signature/ Rowdy/ Dandy 6/8/2010 A201546    
M Pura Vidas Snowy Grey appy unknown unknown   04/11/03 A177338   32
M Pura Vidas Spirit in The Sky Grey Pinto Magic Mans Silver Shadow McSperitts Dandy Mystic LTD Magic Man/Dandy 7/10/2009 A196517    
M Pura Vidas Sweet Caroline Black Pinto Meridians Dyno Flo  Quicksilvers Painted Lady Meridians Dyno Flo  05/16/06 A175780    
C Pura Vidas This Buck 4U Bay pinto Abrias Signature Buckeroo McSperitts MP Top Bucks Analisa Dandy/Sir Signature 4/27/2009 A193312 300738T  
C Pura Vidas Tim Buck 2         4/24/2010      
S Pura Vidas Troubodour (Arnold) Chestnut McSperitts Rowdy Special Image McSperitts Masterpiece Dreamgirl Masterpiece/Dandy/Rowdy 5/23/2009 A194412    
S Pura Vidas Tuxedo Man B/w pinto Lucky 17 Super Charger Apaches Sun  McSperitts Masterpieces Sheenae Masterpiece/Dandy/Rowdy/Super Charger 5/30/2009 A196526 300744T  
M Quicksilvers Mindy Sorrel/star/mix mane & tail Quicksilvers Cinnabar Quicksilvers Marcy Quicksilvers Cinnabar 05/23/04 A155635   31
M Quintessa Hawks Serafina Bay pinto    Champion Farms Nighthawk Hartins Toy Empress Rowdy   05/18/05 A162795 297244A 33.75
M Quintessas Moon Beam Magic Chestnut Clebrations Tennessee Tribute Brewers Heaven Scent Prince Tennessee Monashee/Orion Light 05/09/04 A153987   32.5
S Scott Creek 2b Lucky Palomino Pinto Southridge Destined To Be Brewers Dynamo Sophisticated Lady Rowdy/Bond 05/14/06 s169139 278142T 33
M Scott Creek 2 b Mystified Chestnut Southridge Destined To Be Scott Creek Monarch Mystique Monarch 04/20/07 a178243 294629T  
M Scott Creek Dyna Dot Com Black Scott Creek Monarch Commotion Scott Creek Mystical Dynachrome Monarch 05/01/08 a190528 294629T  
M Scott Creek Monarch Coquette Buckskin Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch Mountain Highs Ovation Monarch 04/26/07 a178896    
M Scott Creek Monarch Diva Bay Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch Genesis Northern Sky High Monarch 04/01/09 A192515 300398T  
M Scott Creek Monarch Tango Black & white pinto Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch Genesis Northern Shadow Dancer Monarch 06/16/07 a180612    
C Scott Creet Monarch Indio Black Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch Flf Supremely Etched In Indigo Monarch 06/05/06 A173451 303824A 32
M Scott Creek Unchained Melody Palomino Pinto Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch Scott Creek Myss Sometimes a Blond Monarch/Orion 4/13/2009 A180612    
M Spellbounds Mega Bucks in The Bank  Bay Winners Circle Bucks in the Bank O That Doodle Bug Boones 05/19/02 a135354   34
M Zarzuelas La Brisa Grey dapple Winners Circle Kismet Blue Chip Yashica Abracadabra Magic        Kismet 05/09/06 A175985    
C Zarzuelas Modigliani Bay pinto Winners Circle Kismet Delta Breeze Mini Pearl Kismet 04/26/07 A178733 297557T 35
M Zarzuelas Sweet Surrender Bay Scott Creek Mystical Ruler Wrays Mane Event Orion 06/20/05 A162215    
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